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Project Name : Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Programme

Doner : Ministry of Woman and Child Affairs

Sector : Ministry of Woman and Child Affairs

Area : Asasuni

Time Line : 2017-2018

Brief of activities :

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Programme

Ministry of Woman and Child Affairs had taken various social safety net program with the assistance of  Mohila Bishoyak Odhidaptor. One of the important program is Vulnerable group development (VGD. Vulnerable group development (VGD) is an Ultra poor household development program. Ashar Alo organization got Vulnerable Group Development Program (VGD)  2015-2016 cycle. Projetc area is Asashuni upzailla under the district of Satkhira. Project activity started March, 2017 and will continue 31 December, 2018. Under the project various activities are running, which are; Life Skill education, income generating skill development training, deposite savings, assist food distribution activities and will create opportunity to get loan etc). under the project involvement beneficiaries awareness will be enhance, skill development will be increase, will increase their financial and social empowerment and will involve national main truck of sustainable development.


  • Mohila Bishyok odhidaptor has given a scope Ashar Alo organization to provide above mention development activities to the 2769 Ultra Poor households beneficiaries. 


  • Ministry of Woman and Child Affairs ( Mohila Mishoyok Odhidaptor) various responsible officer which is Upazilla Mohila Bishok Officer, District  Mohila Bishok Officer, Dhaka based various level officer and local level various administor visited ashar Alo  Vulnerable group development (VGD) project various activities and given feedback. We carry on their advice, suggestions and try our best to implement the project various activities.