CRESCENT - All Projects

Project Name : Micro credit

Doner : Won fund & BRAC

Sector : Micro finance

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : November 2001

Brief of activities :

Project Name : Human Trafficking and promotion of Save Migration by Strengthening Institution and Communities

Doner : AWO International e.v Germany Through Rights Jessore

Sector : Satkhirr

Area : Kaligong ,Satkhira

Time Line : July 2017-December 2919

Brief of activities :

Prevention Human Trafficking and save migration 

Project Name : IGVGD

Doner : Ministry of Women Affairs Government of Bangladesh

Sector : Saymnagar Satkhira

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : 2017-2018

Brief of activities :

Ensuring Vulnerable Women,sfood security, providing lifesill and skill trainings for the vulnerablewomen that are abaleto fight against the poverty.

Project Name : Housing Project

Doner : Bangladesh Bank Grihayan Tahabil

Sector : Housing

Area : Satkhira Sadar & Assasuni Upazill

Time Line : 2012 to continue

Brief of activities :

To ensure the residence of poor people fo marginal interest of house loan .

Project Name : Heath & Sanitation

Doner : Bangladesh NGO foundation

Sector : Sanitation

Area : Assasuni Upazilla

Time Line : 2008 to continue

Brief of activities :

Setup senitary latrin for poor people.

Project Name : USAIDS Agricultural value change (AVC Project)

Doner : USAID Through DAI

Sector : Agriculture

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : 2016-2019

Brief of activities :

Train up for Quality Mango production ,harvest and marketing of national & International market.

Project Name : Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA)

Doner : Oxfam and Ashroy Foundation

Sector : (Climate Resilient Adaptation

Area : Tala upazila of Satkhira district

Time Line : 2017 to till now

Brief of activities :

Satkhira district is located at the south-wet coastal region of Bangladesh. Geographicaly its a disaster prone area. Natural disaster affected at the area often. But due to the lac of quick response, capacity and unity of Humanitarian actors, the affected people faced problem more.

The project is worling with the national and local actors for their capacity development on Humanitarian response properly. The peoject mainly engaed the stakeholders and actors ( Government department, NGOs, LG, Journalist, DMC, local elite, school teacher and other localnstitution)

(1) Organizational policies develop.

(2) Training on apply of policy

(3) Meeting, workshop

Project Name : Local action for environment promotion

Doner : Own fund and community contribution

Sector : Climate Resilient Adaptation

Area : Satkhira upazila of Satkhira district

Time Line : January 2010 to till now

Brief of activities :

As a costal regional organization, CRESCENT  is working to  protect the climate change as it's social responsibility. Every year the organization take some action like- tree plantation at road side, open field, institution and poor person who has landTree plantation at road side, open field, institution and poor person who has land.