Sundarban Adibasi Munda Sangstha (SAMS) - All Projects

Project Name : Community School Program (CSP)

Doner : Fr. Luigi Paggi S.X.

Sector : Education

Area : Shyamnagar All Mundapara.

Time Line : 2008 to Rinnung

Brief of activities :

1. Monthly meeting with Munda students.

2. Parents gathering

3. Education materials distribution. 

Project Name : Promoting Human Right of Ethnic and Dalit Women (PHRED).

Doner : UKaid+ MJF

Sector : Human Rights, food security

Area : Shyamnagar Upazila (Burigoalini, Munshigonj, Ishwaripur and Shyamnagar Sadar Unions).

Time Line : 31 December 2019 to 31 April 2022

Brief of activities :

a) Monthly Courtyard meetings with DPOs/EPOs.

b) Training on violence against women and girls.

c) Coordination meetings with LGs.

d) Linkage meeting with Upazila Administration.

e) Linkage meeting with Forest and Coast gourds.

f) Linkage meetings with legal aid services providers.

g) Provide legal support.

h) Preparing vulnerable women database.

i) Linkage meeting with public services providers.

j) Day observation on Human Rights.

k) Day observation on World Anti-Discrimination Day and World Dignity Day.

Project Name : Promoting Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change Resilience in the Sundarban Coastal Are (PIKCCRSCA).


Sector : Climate Change and Indigenous Culture

Area : 4 Unions under Shyamnagar Upazila. Like as (i)Gabura Union, (ii)Burigoalini Union, (iii)Ramjan Nagara Union and (iv)Nakipur Union

Time Line : August 2020 to November 2022

Brief of activities :

  • Establish Indigenous Knowledge Networ
  • Project Lunching Meetig   
  • Bi-monthly Indigenous Knowledege Network meeting
  • Advocacy Meeting with  Indigenous Organizations and CSOs
  • Awareness Meeting about Herbal & General Treatment
  • Munda Cultural Event with Union & Upazila Level
  • Panchayet Parishad Formed
  • Quarterly Meeting with Panchayet Parishad
  • Likage Meeting with Upazila Administration and Panchayet Parishad
  • Round Table Meeting with District Level and Panchayet Parishad
  • Coordination Meeting with Mainstream Social and Religious Leader
  • Knowledge Sharing Visit
  • Training on sustainable livelihoods, food security and bio-diversity protection
  • Ensuring drinking water


Project Name : Telehealth Service Project

Doner : SPREEHA Bangladesh Foundation

Sector : Health

Area : Sundarban coastal area

Time Line : 15 April 2021 to 31 December 2022

Brief of activities :

(a) Patients visit door to door,

(b) Patients service by video & audio call and Provide E-Prescription

(c) To arrange medical camp