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Project Name : Scaling-up Inclusive Climate Resilience of Vulnerable Communities through Locally Led Adaptation (ICRA)

Doner : Islamic Relief USA

Sector : Disaster Risk Reduction, Locally Led Adaptation and Livelihood Development

Area : Burigoalini & Ramjannagar Union of Shyamnagar Upazila

Time Line : January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025

Brief of activities :

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to sea-level rise, increasingly powerful cyclones, floods, and more. Apart from climate change impact, food and income security, livelihood and socio-economic mobility of the people living below the poverty line are significantly affected by COVID-19 movement restrictions and locked down. This project is targeting to build the resilience of climate-vulnerable communities that are frequently facing different climate-induced hazards e.g., water logging, salinity, cyclone, and urban hazards. Implementation of the activities will adapt Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) and Nature base Solution (NbS) approaches. Project learnings will be shared to enrich and create links with National Adaptation Plan (NAP) and Global Climate Agenda. To address climate emergencies, different climate dialogues will emphasize enhancing the voice of the community and youths at the forefront of policy and decision-making processes to respond to climatic catastrophes.
Strategic Objective: Strengthened climate and disaster resilience of 3,700 climate-vulnerable families.
• Strengthened climate and disaster resilience of 1,000 climate-vulnerable families
• Enhanced resilience of communities to climate change and disaster risks through the capacity strengthening of 21 local disaster management institutions and local climate adaptation mechanisms
• Twenty national-level policymakers and organizations are aware of and support the scale-up of locally-led adaptation mechanism


Project Name : Empowering Marginalised Communities of Bangladesh towards Achieving Agenda 2030

Doner : Islamic Relief USA

Sector : Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihood Development

Area : Bhurulia, Shyamnagar (sadar) & Ishwaripur Union under Shymnagar Upazila

Time Line : 1September, 2021 to 28 February, 2024

Brief of activities :

The country has achieved remarkable progress in a number of development indicators such as steady GDP growth, poverty eradication, child mortality reduction, improvement of maternal health and employment over the last two decades. However, 40 million people still live below poverty line whereas 21 million is extreme poor. COVID 19 Pandemic has made the situation even worsen. 

A brief needs assessment was conducted in the target areas recently which shows that prevalence of weak economic and social rights in the form of social exclusion, inequality, poor governance, gender gap is widespread. The target areas are also the most climate vulnerable areas. While, the south-western coastal areas are experiencing frequent cyclones and storm surges, resulting in denial of basic human rights - rights to livelihoods, education, food security, clean water, health, sanitation, and housing. This leads to rural to urban migration of poor people and increases unplanned urbanization that develops slum areas with risk of fire, earthquake and water logging. In the backdrop of increased poverty, vulnerability, growing impact of climate change associated with COVID 19 pandemic among the marginalized communities, achievement of Agenda 2030 remains a huge challenge. Efforts from the national and international community is not adequate in meeting the needs of the impacted community. 


  • Enhanced sustainable livelihood opportunities and empowerment of marginalized communities.
  • Institutions and communities in the targeted climate vulnerable coastal areas are better prepared to climate change impacts.
  • Increased engagement of the duty bearers and service providers for ensuring rights and entitlements.