Assignment on Activities of NGO in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh NGOs have appeared as the savior of countless number of people without food, cloth, education and basic health facilities. Bangladesh is one of the top thirteen underprivileged countries. With the record of being the most densely populated country on earth and feeble manpower competency, Bangladesh is facing massive challenge to meet up the demand of her ever-increasing population. Although agriculture sector is the main source of income for this rural-agro based country, unfortunately this sector has completely failed to create rewarding employment opportunity for the landless. Considering these overall situations, the NGOs are working on poverty eradication by directly involving the poverty stricken population. Their target groups are basically the poor and vulnerable ones with hardly any possessions. Their main tasks are to organize these people, create awareness in them and make them development oriented. These organizations are working based on the assessed need and demand of the grass root level farmers and women. By involving the beneficiaries directly, they are working within the context of overall national planning for development.


The history of philanthropic activities is as antiquated as the history of mankind. From the day men started living together in society, since then they have begun to help each other in time of need. In ancient time, people used to live in small clans and whenever any one of them fell into trouble, and then the strong and sympathetic kinsmen would come out to help the poor and the feeble. The substituted prevalent version of these separate and unorganized activities is today’s NGOs. The chronic increase of population, evolution of new socio-economic as well as psychological problems, limitations of the state fund in social welfare etc. made it almost impossible for any long-term solution of all these problems by the government alone. Hence the emergence of NGOs was considered with much importance in this regard.

Defining NGO

In Bangladesh the term NGO is very well known and NGO activities are wide spread. Literally NGO is Non-Governmental aid providing organization. According to social science dictionary, “ Non Government Organization is a non-profit agency that serves some public interest. Non Government Organization is established to fulfill some social purposes other than monetary rewards to financial backers. In other words it is stated “NGO’s are usually defined as an association of persons organized on voluntary basis through the initiative of one or more dedicated persons committed to the planning and implementation of development projects at the grass root level. NGO’s although work outside the government structure but they are within the legal framework of the country” .

The book “Social Welfare Legislation in Bangladesh” said, “A broader definition of NGO refers to associations voluntarily formed by individuals for the purpose of rendering welfare and development services outside Government structures; drawing funds from national or international sources; and functioning within the legal frame work of the country.” From the above discussion it is clearly evident that NGOs are those organizations, which are one way or the other involved in development or welfare oriented activities.

Missions and Goals of NGOs

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are launched with various purposes. Based on the region or local demand and problems, divergence in each NGO targets and objectives can be observed. But everywhere the main purpose of NGOs is the much-desired development of poverty stricken deprived people.