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Solidarités International opened its mission in Bangladesh at the end of 2007, following cyclone SIDR. Over the past eight and a half years, SI has implemented activities in emergency response followed by early recovery and reconstruction.

SI’s intervention and strategy in Bangladesh is to target primary needs of crisis affected persons in terms of food security and livelihood, disaster risk reduction (DRR), water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH), climate change and shelter, whilst working in parallel on mid-long term resilience strategies.

The frequency and impact of natural disasters, as well as the exposure of the country to climate change justifies the involvement of Solidarités International in Bangladesh, from the humanitarian point of view. The organization provides help in the wake of natural disasters (cyclones, storms, floods, landslides) and slow onset disaster (waterlogging) in the southwest (Satkhira District) and humanitarian assistance to the communities in the South-East (Cox’s Bazar District) where a significant number of ethnic and religious minorities also amongst local communities, pressuring the natural resources due to the increase of the demographic burden. SI supports displaced or affected communities immediately after a disaster by tending to their immediate needs (distribution of kits, cash for work, emergency access to safe drinking water) and then helps these populations re-establish their normal lifestyle (kick-starting their livelihoods, reconstruction of dwellings, etc.). SI programs teach communities how to evacuate their people and possessions as soon as possible, how to protect villages and fields by building infrastructures (dykes, causeways), and joining with communities in establishing agricultural practices and livelihoods that are less vulnerable to natural disasters.


SATKHIRA is a highly disaster-prone area with multiple hazards threatening livelihoods and food security affecting the most vulnerable populations SI works with a local partner to strengthen the governance, accountability and sustainability of established smallholder farmer-led grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs). SI further supports them and the local authorities to develop innovative and inclusive partnerships that strengthen the economic and social rights of small and marginal farmers, with a specific focus on women, disabled and ethnic minorities.


Solidarites International
Shushilan Office,
NarikeltolaMore,Polash poll .







Major Activities

  • Support CSOs to contribute to local authorities’ policy development and implementation
  • Support local government bodies to develop an inclusive enabling environment through sustained collaboration with CSOs
  • Support CSOs to work in partnership with local authorities to ensure socio-economic policies and practices respond to needs of marginalized groups and to ensure entitlements related to sustainable agricultural practice reach the target populations             

Head Office

House # 15/A, Rd # 5 (front 8),
Block # F, Banani, Dhaka – 1213.

Project Office

Solidarites International
Shushilan Office,
NarikeltolaMore,Polash poll .

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