Basic Informations

Disabled Rehabilitation and Research Association (DRRRA) is one of the largest non-government organizations in the field of disability established by a group of philanthropists in 1996 in Bangladesh. DRRA is working for promoting equal rights and dignified life by reducing all forms of discrimination of persons with disabilities. At present DRRA is working in 28 districts with 120 DPOs and 30 NGOs networks in Bangladesh.


Disabled  Rehabilitation  and  Research Association (DRRA) Regional Office: Hadipur,Debhata Satkhira


A society where persons with disabilities and destitute can enjoy a dignified life with equity. ”


DRRA promotes equity for persons with disabilities towards empowerment; engaging different stakeholders for reducing discrimination.”


  • Prevention & early intervention of disability
  • Screening and diagnosis of disability at early stage;
  • Creation and providence of inclusive and disabled friendly Government health services;
  • Make access and linkage with quality & appropriate assisting devices & technology;
  • Promotion & practice of community based medical rehabilitation through Government and non-Government facilities;
  • Leading nationwide health network for achieving SDG goal-3
  • Evidence based practice and policy advocacy on Inclusive health
  • Make Govt health services available during & post disaster, paying equal attention to mental health.

Major Activities

HEALTH  PROGRAM :  Make health and rehabilitation inclusive and affordable

DRRA is promoting inclusive health services for persons with disabilities within available resources. Disability screening, promotion, prevention, medical care, rehabilitation, referral linkage and assistive devices, accessibility, working with and capacity building of hospitals, doctors, parents/caregivers, DPOs are its main area of work.

To make health & rehabilitation services inclusive & available at community levels, DRRA is working at 5 districts along Govt hospitals. DRRA is working with PNGOs in 17 districts on Health. CBM, Ministry of Healh and Family Welfare is working as strategic partners along with JPUF. DRRA is also leading the National network for strengthening the health services provided, and making them affordable and inclusive.

EDUCATION PROGRAM : Appropriate Education by promoting inclusion and enabling environment

DRRA is working to make education Inclusive for children with disabilities. To bring inclusiveness to practice DRRA works with Govt, school management, parents , DPOs, along with children councils. Accessibility, curriculum adoption with vocational learning, education financing, assistive device and technology; working with and capacity building of SMC, teachers, students council, parents/caregiver, DPOs are its main action are as in 2017. DRRA is working with 24 PNGOs in 17 districts on education. CBM, Ministry of Education is working as strategic partners.

Livelihood  PROGRAM :  Inclusive Economical Development

To create and access to livelihood opportunities of the people with disabilities to lead a dignified and quality life, DRRA drives for effective engagement in social safety-net & livelihood scheme for them.

DRRA is operating 5 vocational training centres at Satkhira and Manikganj. DRRA running production and training units alike. Alongside, there are Carpenter training and production unit for NDD at Satkhira, and 11 recycled goods production & training units by women with disability at Satkhira 1 comprehensive farming and training centre at Manikganj for NDD youth. There are Honey processing and packaging and Honey harvesting unit at Satkhira.

DRRA is also providing vocational training to youngsters to its Provati School. DRRA also refer them to Department of Women and Children Affairs for skill development training.

DRRA expects that by its livelihood scheme, people with disabilities will be empowered, enabling to have access to services and to establishing their rights.

Social inclusion and empowerment : Emphasis on dignity and social protection to reduce inequality

DRRA is working to create an enabling environment for the persons with disabilities so that everyone can participate and feel included in the society. Social inclusion of persons with disabilities is based on the rights of their effective participation and inclusion in societal activities.

For social inclusion it works to provide personal assistance for participation, relationship building, legal support participating in cultural and recreational events, sports.

DRRA provides support for organizing and capacity building to develop the institutions of persons with disabilities, including the formation of Self Help Groups, Disabled People’s Organization(DPO), Federation of Self Help Groups, inclusion in Union and Upazila Advisory Committees, advocacy groups and youth forums for empowerment.
DRRA is working for breaking down the barriers of participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the society which include promoting positive attitude and perceptions, modifying the environment, providing information in accessible formats and implementation of the policies of non-discrimination

ADVOCACY :  Advocacy and networking for inclusive Society for person with disability

DRRA do the advocacy for an inclusive society for the person with disability. It creates advocacy networks and works in collaboration national and international alliances and stakeholders by sharing evidence of the success of the journey for promoting rights of persons with disabilities.

DRRA has established its image as a leading national platform across the country working intensively at the policy and implementation level along with different governments, civil societies and international agencies and media.ess model development.

Disability Inclusive Climate Adaption & DRM :  Promoting community based resilient and disability inclusive disaster management

DRRA addresses disability issues in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Adaptation program to promote equitable rights and the inclusion of the person with disabilities during the stages of disaster preparedness and post disaster management. At the disaster preparedness stage, DRRA emphasised on disaster risk and vulnerability reduction like: alternative livelihood promotion, capacity development and community resilience through social mapping and development and implementation of DRRA focuses on emergency relief and rescue activities with special focus on persons with disabilities by providing essential food, safe water and medical supports. In post-disaster management the organization basically works for reconstruction, rehabilitation, the case for work and sustainable livelihood support activities in its working areas.



Head Office

DRRA, Road No-2/5, House No-01, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207. Contact No- 02-9140162.)

Project Office

Disabled  Rehabilitation  and  Research Association (DRRA) Regional Office: Hadipur,Debhata Satkhira

List of Excutive Body

  1. Dr. Golam Rahman
  2. Dr. Dalem Chandra Barman
  3. Mrs. Farida Yesmin
  4. Md. Najrul Islam
  5. Md. Kamrul Islam
  6. Mrs. Sathika Hossain
  7. Mrs. Doly Islam

Chief of NGO

Name: Farida Yeasmin,

Designation: Executive Director

Phone & Mobile No. 9140162, 9129423 (9140162, 9129423)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 8 0 8
Mid-level 11 4 15
Field Worker 10 6 16
Support Staff 1 4 5
Voluntaries 6 2 8

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : DRRA is one of the leading members of Global CBR-CBID network and currently the member of the Executive Committee of Global CBR Network;

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : DRRA is also an active member of all national disability networks ofBangladesh such as NFOWD, SDG Forum on Disability, Inclusive education Group etc

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : DRRA has been leading organizer of Inclusive Health Alliance in Bangladesh since 2016;

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : o DRRA is getting DiDRR Network membership soon, to promote inclusive disaster management.

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : o 24 PNGOs and 120 DPOs working in 16 districts on DRRA's CBR approach o Steering by DRRA, Inclusive Health Alliance with 12 NGOs formed, for national

Type :

Website :

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)

Project List ( Total Project : 3 )

Project Name : Community Centred Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management (CCDIDRM)

Doner : Australian Aid & CBM

Sector : NGO Develoment

Area : Shyamnagor Upazila: Autila and Burigolini Union

Time Line : 2019 to 2021

Brief of activities :

1. Union disaster Risk Reduction Acton Plan (RRAP) and Upazila   Disaster Management Committee (UzDMC) activities and socio-economic programs are inclusive of people with disabilities and marginalized groups.

2. People with disabilities and vulnerable groups have increased income through adaptation of livelihood practices that are disaster and climate change resilient.

3.Schools have increased capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters.

4.DRRA has improved evidence and knowledge base on inclusive disaster risk reduction practices and contributing to local and national policy advocacy.





Project Name : Community Baised Inclusive Development (CBID)

Doner : LF

Sector : NGO

Area : Debhata,Kaligonj and Shaymnagor

Time Line : January 2019 to December 2021

Brief of activities :

Outcome 1: Children with disabilities have improved access and continuing in mainstream, non-formal and special education.

Outcome 2: Disaster Risk Management

Outcome 3:Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Outcome 4: Youngsters with disabilities and/or parents of severely children with disabilities have skilled and progressive income with job placement or business development / initiatives by established linkage with different service

Outcome 5: Rehabilitation

Outcome 6: Improved physical & cognitive performance skills of children with disabilities through  community based health and  rehabilitation services       

Actiivity: 1)Medical diagnosis of newly identified children and review the rehabilitation plan for old children (specially the NDD children) 

Actiivity: 2)rovide rehabilitation support of at least 378 children through the 28 CRCD and therapy center of TONGI  slum area and 8 Union health sub center of Shyamnagar and kaligonj upazila

Actiivity: 3)Distribute epilepsy medicine to 120 no. of children with disabilities (100 children from satkhira and 20 children from TONGI) (50% contribute by parents)

Actiivity: 4)Organize Sign language and children management  training for CWDs for targeted children(50% Parents & 50% Children)

Actiivity: 5)Children home based follow up and reporting

Actiivity: 6)Organize special events on inclusive cultural program(including  We Ring the Bail , School base sports)

Actiivity: 7)Observation of National/ International Day for the persons with disabilities at Upazilla level

Actiivity: 8)Organize half yearly  meeting with  10 UP  standing committees and advisory committee on Inclusiveness of local govt.

Actiivity: 9)Organize 3 days  leadership training for 15 youth with disabilities

Actiivity: 10)Organize  bi monthly courtyard session with 34 SHGs and 10 youth groups  monthly on (12 types of disability, govt. policy, Inclusion, rights, violence and protection of girls with disabilities also role of Union Parishad 14 standing committee and budget allocation people on disabilities)

Actiivity: 11)Organize day long workshop with  10 youth group for preparing their action plan

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