Compassion International Bangladesh

Basic Informations

Compassion International Bangladesh is a charitable organization and non - profitable organization. This organization serves the children, who are living under the poverty line to develop their education, health & socio-emotion.


1)    Ophapur, Bamonkhali, Kalaroa, Satkhira.
2)    Babulia, SatkhiraSadar, Satkhira.
3)    Nagarghata, Patkelghata,Tala, Satkhira.
4)    Madanpur, Suvashini, Tala, Satkhira.
5)    Mahandi, Tala, Satkhira.
6)    Gonali, Nalta, Tala, Satkhira.
7)    Ataroi, Jealanalta, Tala, Satkhira.
8)    Eksora, Ashashuni, Satkhira.


As a result of our services to children in poverty, Compassion will be trusted by the worldwide  as the leading authority for child & youth development and will be the global benchmark for excellence in child sponsorship.


Compassion International Bangladesh exists as an advocate for children to release them from the economic, social, physical and otherworldly poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled adults.


1)    Education : Exhibits the motivation and skills to be economically self-supporting.
2)    Physical : Chooses good health practices and is physically healthy.
3)    Social : Interacts with other people in a healthy and compassionate manner.

Major Activities

1)    Education : School fees, School supplies, Tutorial fees, Study tour, Vocational training, Educational awareness programs,
2)    Physical :Medical expenses, Annual health checkup, Nutrition food supplies, Hygiene  supplies, Item for child use, Adolescent training & supplies.
3)    Social : Sports materials supplies, Picnic, National day celebration, Parents meeting, IGP, Various day celebration Social awareness program.

Head Office

House- 53, Road- 10, Black- E, Banani, Dhaka- 1213

Project Office

1)    Ophapur Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0314.
    Ophapur, Bamonkhali, Kalaroa, Satkhira.
2)    Babulia  Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0334.
Babulia, SatkhiraSadar, Satkhira.
3)    Nagarghata Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0340.
Nagarghata, Patkelghata, Tala, Satkhira.
4)    Madanpur Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0325.
Madanpur, Suvashini, Tala, Satkhira.
5)    Mahandi Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0312.
Mahandi, Tala, Satkhira.
6)    Gonali Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0307.
Gonali, Nalta, Tala, Satkhira.
7)    Ataroijeala Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0344.
Ataroi, Jealanalta, Tala, Satkhira.
8)    Easora Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0326.
Eksora, Ashashuni, Satkhira.

List of Excutive Body

  1. Ophapur Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0314 (SimsonAdhikary,SushantoMondol,MonindraRatno,DilipMondol, ArunaBiswas)
  2. Babulia Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0334(ShimsonAdhikary,SushantoMondol,MonindraRatno,SonkarSarder,ProshadSarker,AsalataSarder,PabitraSarker)
  3. Nagarkhata Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0340(James AshitBiswas,ProbirMondol,Monimohon Ray,GloriNiharHalder,ShamualBiswas,AtierRahoman,RobindraNathMondol)
  4. Madanpur Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0325(Pitter P. Halder,ModhuSarker,ModhusudhanSarker,Reba Sarker,KalponaSarker)
  5. Mahandi Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0312(ProbirMondol,JhonTalukder,Suvas Roy,RobindraNathMondol,ZakirHossen,AnadiBiswas,SudinMondol)
  6. Gonali Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0307(RagunathSarker,BivasBiswas,SosankoDebnath,AlladSarker,Madhuri Das)
  7. AtaroiJeala Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0344(Pitter P. Halder,MadhusudhanSarker,UttamBiswas,Robin Mondol,ChandonaSarker)
  8. Eksora Child Development Sponsorship Program BD-0326(RaghunathSarker,BivasBiswas,Nilaboti Das,Meghna Das,Subal Das)

Chief of NGO

Name: Dina patwary

Designation: Program Facilitator

Phone & Mobile No. # (01755-590250)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 6 2 8
Mid-level 16 11 27
Field Worker 26 14 40
Support Staff 28 32 60

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number

Network / Forum

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)

Project List ( Total Project : 1 )

Project Name : Sponsorship program

Doner : CIB

Sector : Education, Physical and Social

Area : satkhira sadar-1, Kolaroa-1, Tala-5, Ashashni-1

Time Line : july-2018 to June-2028

Brief of activities :

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