Women Job Creation Center(WJCC)

Basic Informations

Women Job Creation Centre (WJCC) was founded in 1990 with the aim of helping poverty-stricken women and children. WJCC is now one of the leading women based organization in south-western part of Bangladesh. With the support of National and International Donors WJCC was able to get 24 years of tremendous experience in the field of Legal Aid, Justice Sector Facilities, Women Empowerment, Relief and Rehabilitation, Education, Child Care and Healthcare, Human Rights, Water and Sanitation and Micro credit support to underprivileged community people.


Head Office Address: Jatpur, Tala, Sathkhira-9420, Bangladesh


Empowerment of women through awareness building skill and contribute women’s income in the mainstream of national economy.


WJCC is committed to bring about positive changes in the quality of disadvantaged and destitute women’s life through social mobilization, provision of credit, and skill training with a view to enhancing their self-help capacity in the endeavors for empowerment through productive activities.


Supporting women's leadership; strengthening women's economic empowerment; ending violence against women; promoting women's participation in peace and security processes; and ensuring that public planning and budgeting responds to the needs and rights of women.

Major Activities

1. Micro Credit

2.Handii Crraft


4.Food Processing

Head Office

Head Office Address: Jatpur, Tala, Sathkhira-9420, Bangladesh

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Women Job Crration Center


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