Mukti Foundation

Basic Informations

Mukti Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO). A small group of socially conscious youth deeply hurt and moved by unjust social discrimination in respect of class, caste, creed an gender in a bid to wage struggle against all sorts of social injustice, came forward to form this organization. Mukti Foundation came into being in 1996 and subsequently registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau vide registration No 1391 dated 08/06/1999. The organization is also registered with the Society Act. Vide registration no. Satkhira-124 dated 11.04.2005. The organization is also registered with the Micro Credit Regulatory vide registration No. 0000381 dated 23.02.2009. The organization is also registered with the Social Welfare, Reg. No.  Satkhira-1092 dated on 10.11.2010.


Mukti Foundation is in the 21th year of program intervention and has gradually covered a wide variety of program components and geographical coverage. Activities of the organization are the objectives laid down in its constitution. In order to make learned the participants. During compilation of any report for the organization, attempts made to reflect the views of the program participants.


Besides their education, these students established a health care center to ensure services to the slum dwellers. On that time they motivated the slum people on nutrition, primary heath care, antenatal and postnatal care, diarrhea and other communicable diseases. In serious cases patients were referred to hospital to batter treatment. As day passed this work has been turned into multifarious development interventions like education, nutrition and employment.


The scenario's of Mukti Foundation working area is that the women are socially disadvantaged, neglected, little no access to health facilities and economically vulnerable. They are denied the legal, human, and democratic rights and employment opportunities. It is fact that the rights of women and children are violated in family, community and responsible for deterioration of urban environment living in uncontrolled and unhygienic urban slums. The groups are not capable also to explore and develop their existing inherent potentials for their sustainable socio-economic and environmental development. First of all the organization is accountable to the beneficiaries of the organization. As the constitutions, the organization is accountable to the General Committee.


Village: Post & Thana-Tala, District- Satkhira, Bangladesh, Post code 9420, Bangladesh


To bring the positive change of livelihood like to get better education, improve health, safe water, deluge environment, employment and to establish rights to khash land of the poor through participation and accountability.


To established a non-explicated, environmentally sound, surplus and rights based community.


The principal objective of Mukti Foundation has been to work towards their increased self-reliance of rural grass root people by the provision of:
a)    Establishing the rights of the poor in the society and make them self-reliant
b)    Undertaking development activities for the rural poor irrespective of religion, caste, creed and gender.
c)    Alternative institution building i.e. group formation, savings credit etc for the resource poor and under-privileged community especially destitute women, landless poor and wage labor.
d)    Alleviate poverty through different income generation.
e)    Eradication of illiteracy.
f)    Improvement of health, sanitation and nutrition status of the under privileged community particularly the women, Child, landless poor, Disable family, Flood affected People. wage labor and out-caste community.
g)    Ensuring human rights and empowerment of resource poor, Disable community & Flood affected People.
h)    Eradication of gender violence in the society.
i)     Sustainable utilization of natural resource and conservation of      biodiversity,
j)    Proper utilization of indigenous knowledge in development activities.
      On a nutshell, Mukti Foundation is committed to assist the development movement of the     
      people centered in the development perspectives

Major Activities

a.    Savings and Micro Credit Program:
Mukti Foundation has been implementing ‘Savings and Microcredit’ as a core Program funded by Manitese-Italy, Proshika and Own fund of Mukti Foundation since 1998. This Program is implementing 38 Villages of 11 Unions of Tala Upazila under Satkhira District. Here there are 1740 members (Male- 395 and Female- 1345) of 62 Groups (Male Group- 11 and Female Group- 51). Total amount of Savings are Tk. 20,43,634/-.  The amount of loan distributed is Tk.18,42,000/- out of 1395 members (Male- 193 and Female- 928/-).  There are 10 staffs are employed in this Program.

b.    Saving and Income Generating Program:
Mukti Foundation teaches the importance of savings of the target beneficiaries. Each member of the group deposits at the rate of Tk. 10.00 or more as savings in the weekly meeting. This amount is deposited the office in an amount in the name of group. This account is jointly operated by the chairperson and the secretary of the respective group.
Mukti Foundation has covered a significant number of beneficiaries where they provide financial support to the poor and marginal household that have been playing a vital role to alleviate poverty. Under this project 1439 beneficiaries (193 male and 928 female) are involved. Under this activity the beneficiaries become able to alleviate their poverty through small trading, beef fattening, transportation, poultry rearing, fish culture and soon. In this project Mukti Foundation has mobilized the community to form group. The groups conduct weekly meeting where they deposit savings money in their own account. At the end of the year Mukti Foundation provided interest at bank rate. Through this process beneficiaries are able to save money from their daily income. Under this project Mukti Foundation also provide training and technical support to the beneficiary to implement different income generating activities. To smoothly run the IGAs Mukti Foundation also provide loan that is realize in weekly installment. To implementing the IGAs landless and marginal people very much benefited and thus they alleviate their poverty.

i.    Training, Seminar, Workshop and Day observation:
Training is a key supporting component in the poverty alleviation process. Occupational skill development training aims, at developing the potential skill of the poor people so that they can engage themselves in gainful economic activities to alleviate the poverty. Mukti Foundation has implemented the training program for the beneficiaries like poultry rearing, cow rearing, vegetable cultivation, fish culture, mat making, marketing, beef fattening and so on.

o. Vulnerable Group Development (VGD):
This is Government Project of Bangladesh. This Program has been starting February /2017 and will be continued up to December/2018.  Bangladesh Women and Child Department is the Supervisory Department. Training and Savings are the main interventions of the Project. Vulnerable people of the Project areas are benefiting from the VGD Program.

p. Up scaling of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) for Providing Community Water Supplies in Saline areas:
Up scaling of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) for Providing Community Water Supplies in Saline areas is the continuation of the  scale up Research on Groundwater Buffering in Costal Bangladesh. The main activities during this phase include continuation of monitoring of the 19 MAR test sites built until 2012, construction of about 5 new scale up  sites; construction of 75 MAR systems at selected location of Khulna, Satkhira and Bagerhat districts as shown in Figure 1 and monitoring of all 99 sites after completion of constructions.
Mukti Foundation has been a partner of the action research since 2013 and provided useful support in selection of sites for 75 new MAR systems. During the current phase scale up of the study the following services are expected from Mukti Foundation.
Allocated Area: Mukti Foundation provided active support during the site selection in Paikgacha and Koyra Upazilas of Khulna district. Mukti Foundation will be responsible for providing support in community mobilization, construction supervisions, monitoring data collection and abstraction managements for 10 sites (9 new and 1 existing) in Paikgacha and Koyra upazila as shown in the following map. As per revised monitoring plan, one Community Mobilizer ( CM) will be engaged at each site for day to day monitoring and management as per protocol of the project. Technical Supervisors (TS) will be responsible for advanced data collection as per agreed protocol.

Head Office

Village: Post & Thana-Tala, District- Satkhira, Bangladesh, Post code 9420, Bangladesh

Project Office

Village: Post  Kapilmuni Thana-Paikgacha, District-Khulna ,Bangladesh

List of Excutive Body

  1. Mostafa Moniruzzaman-President
  2. Ashrafun Nahar-Vice-President
  3. Gobinda Ghosh-Secretary
  4. Md.Anisur Rahaman-Treasurer
  5. Chapala Rani Sarker-Member
  6. Gazi Abdur Rahaman-Member
  7. Ashit Baran Mondol-Member

Chief of NGO

Name: Gobinda Ghosh

Designation: Director

Phone & Mobile No. 8804727-56147 (8801716-840797)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 02 01 3
Mid-level 02 0 2
Field Worker 05 03 8
Support Staff 02 0 2

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number

Network / Forum

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
July2017 To June2018 2043634 4,43,02,195 36,92,270

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