Basic Informations

UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) is itself a meaning and an abbreviating that represents an association for environmental and economic development of underprivileged community in terms of woman empowerment and poverty elevation. UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) is an accommodation, a committed friend and a voice of the deprived and destitute children, woman and men to protect their human righted for a poverty free better life. It is an outcome of strong feelings of its founders Mr. Abbus Salam for disadvantaged poor people especially the indescribable poverty of the destitute elderly, woman and children living in difficult circumstances in rural and slum areas.

 UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) popularly known as UNNAYN is a non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) Reregistered with Department of Social Welfare Services and Department of Youth Development it has been working since 2000. Started its activities with its own resources in a small remote village Shireepotipur, Kalaroya upazila of Satkhira District. UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) objective was positive change of socio-economic condition of under privileged community of the society under its mission area. Gradually on the field findings of need based assessments UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) ex-pended its long-term mission for the sustainable development to the marginalized and underprivileged community through developing innovative context oriented developmental intervention UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) currently working in both rural and urban areas of Kalaros Upazila of Satkhira District. UNNAYAN  PARISHAD (UP) has been successfully completed the planned activities on Disaster Management and Rehabilitation programme with the assistance of NGO Forum, Rupantar, Rights Jessore and GOB Youth Departments / agencies in implementation of Disaster Management, distribution of relief goods in Kinds and cash, shelter construction with safe water Environmental and Sanitation. All the planned activities have been successfully completed as per MOU of RIGHTS JESSORE (Photo copy of MOU and Certificate are attached for ready reference). UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) has full filled its commitment to the community through its high grads of accountability and transparency UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) establishes its credibility. UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) believed that through its long-term Visions and Mission within short time UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) will be one of the self - reliance organization in the NGO sec- tor, through its implementing numerous programme with greater zeal and enthusiasm following holistic development approaches for sustainable development of the community as a whole especially of the disadvantaged and underprivileged Woman and Children's living in difficult circumstances.


Village: Shireepotipur, Post: Murarikhati,
Upazila : kalaroa, District : Satkhira.
Mobile: 01716171365, 01924222310
E-mail: unnayan_03@yahoo.com


UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) envisages poverty -free better life and livelihood. Existence of Society for the poor community through socio economic empowerment of the masses where they are enliven with their basic rights and also have participatory in the society in any part of our society.


Contribute significantly in sustainable socio - economic changes following principles of human rights, good governance , gender and equity targeting better life of the target group, facilitate them need based supports enhancing their own capacities’ initiatives and commitment. Strengthen effective peoples participation at all stages of program designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation harnessing local resources that will contribute greatly in sustainable social change.

To initiate development efforts for the underprivileged and backward community ensuring their social-economic , health , source of income (livelihood) shelter , education and safe environment facilities and making tem capable to meet any disaster.


  1. To facilitate social welfare and development activities in Bangladesh to facilitate the destitute to be self- reliant
  2. To educate and empower under privileged and suffering humanity
  3. To enhance dormant potentials of the uncared for and underserved and destitute people
  4. To develop awareness regarding values, right, freedom, importance of education, health & other basic needs

Major Activities

UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) has been implementing wide range of activities in the following areas. UNNAYAN PARISHAD (UP) activities are geared towards poverty reduction and wellbeing of the target beneficiaries. In identifying the activities, UNNAYAN PARISHAD holds dialogues with community people to ensure appropriateness of activities for the beneficiaries. While undertaking different projects, it gives priority on coastal areas, ethnic minority, disabled, widows and children.

  • Education
  • Non-formal Education (NFE)
  • Health/Hygiene:
  • Water and sanitation program
  • Special programs like food for the poor, orphan care, cloths support, Ramadan, Eid Gift,
  • Developing a Literacy Program for Children with Severe Disabilities.
  • Qurbani meat distribution among the poor
  • Motivation and Institution building:
  • Poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship
  • Gender development.
  • Environment Development.
  • Future citizen development.
  • Agriculture development.
  • Livestock development.
  • Fisheries development.
  • Anti-drug and ant-social activity promotion.
  • Integration of the poor people in the main stream of national development.
  • Involvement of women in to economic and productive activities.
  • Conduct disaster preparedness and management activities etc.
  • Capacity building

Head Office

Village: Shireepotipur, Post: Murarikhati,
Upazila : kalaroa, District : Satkhira.
Mobile: 01716171365, 01924222310
E-mail: unnayan_03@yahoo.com

Project Office

Village: Shireepotipur, Post: Murarikhati,
Upazila : kalaroa, District : Satkhira.
Mobile: 01716171365, 01924222310
E-mail: unnayan_03@yahoo.com

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