Basic Informations

Baptist Aid-BBCF began in 1993 with child sponsorship and education responding mainly to symptoms of poverty. After getting NGO Registration in 1995, B-Aid started its community development journey with the support of ABW Aid.  Over the time as analysis of complex poverty causes and developmental response concepts changed, then so Baptist Aid-BBCF transitioned to respond to causes of poverty.  Development focus includes a wider set of sustainable livelihood and well-being issues including a more holistic and sustainable mix of social, economic and environmental uplift activities and hoped for longer-term benefits.  A key aim is to achieve a quality of development implementation in partnership with the poor enhancing their genuine participation and empowerment though community capacity building.


Middle Kathia, (Beside of Sahi Moszid) Amtola, Satkhira


A Poverty free and Just Society having Life in Fullness


Inspired by Christ's Love, work towards transforming life through participatory endeavor and comprehensive approaches using potential resources for community self-reliance


This project is initiated to contribute to build a disaster resilient community reducing the climate induced risk, vulnerability and building the capacity to withstand against any disasters and also opportunities to improve incomes. The intensity and frequency of disasters are increasing day by day. Satkhira sadar and Tala & Kolaroa sub-districts are severely vulnerable according to the assessment of government. The community cannot cope with the existing risk of disasters alongside new and unpredictable hazards are driving them more vulnerable. Cyclone Sidr and Aila have destroyed the land fertility and water salinity had been increased due to the thermal expansion. Sea level rising covered more area in saline intrusion. After life there agricultures are most vulnerable. The agriculture productions are reducing day by day. They have great challenge also adopting new agriculture and livelihood. They are being push to migrate seasonally for livelihood. The R3 project will also work in these communities in the vulnerable targeted communities. The main objective will be to promote risk assessment, knowledge and education, risk management and practice of disaster preparedness and response with community permanent institutions, aware on child rights. To stable their livelihood, Climate change education, Risk Reduction Action Plan (RRAP) with combat to hazards and response plan and over all for increasing capacity. Moreover children in disasters often are the most affected segment of the population but also the most overlooked. Children often are not involved in the disaster response and rehabilitation. During the disaster situation children and youth girls are in a very vulnerable situation. They have no safety and security. During the disaster schools are also affected and destroy, so it does also hamper their education and also negative impact of climate change on people's livelihood. Mostly the people who are severely vulnerable to climate induced disasters and local community who are severely vulnerable due to salinity in land and water, Cyclone, water logging, iron and arsenic in water and other disasters. The groups are marginal farmers, agriculture labors, Fisherman, migrated people, vulnerable women groups, children, youth, Church leaders and who are mostly spatially vulnerable.

Major Activities

1. Child, youth and family development
2. Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction
3. Education- formal and non-formal including vocational
4. Public health- preventive,care and WASH
5. Livelihood
6. Social harmony and peace building
7. Institutional development and capacity strengthening
8. Advocacy
9. Gender mainstreaming

Head Office

Middle Kathia, (Beside of Sahi Moszid) Amtola, Satkhira

Project Office

Middle Kathia, (Beside of Sahi Moszid) Amtola, Satkhira

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