Kheya(Samaj Unnayan Sangstha)

Basic Informations

Background of KHEYA After Higher Secondary examination Ms. Josna Ara took training from youth development directorate on dress making & tailoring. Immediately after completion of that training she joined training with the same institution on homestead gardening and fish production. While she was receiving training, instructors used to say that many youths take training from youth development directorate but after receiving training only a few engage to support others. Josna Ara had kept his word in the back of her mind and started work on dress making and tailoring. She was making female and baby dress with a view to create employment for the poor divorced and widow women.

The socio-economic situation in Satkhira and adjacent areas are comparatively backward than other costal districts of Bangladesh. Poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, illiteracy, water logging, salinity intrusion, arsenic contamination were some of the major problems people facing in the Satkhira district. Experiencing all these obstacles of the area, she thought an organizational arrangement would create scopes which might help the poor people of the locality to overcome those problems. This forced her to establish an Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to provide various development services to the poor specially the poor divorced and widow women in the locality. Therefore, she applied with the social welfare department for the registration of `Kheya ( Samaj Unnayan Sangstha)’. Finally in the year of 1998 Ms. Josna Ara established an NGO named ‘Kheya’ with the registration from the social welfare department of Bangladesh. Kheya also got registration from NGO Affairs Bureau of Govt. of Bangladesh in 2013.

Over the years of long development drive Kheya (Samaj Unnayan Sangstha) is now under the implementation of various development programs like Advocacy/Awareness building, Training and Capacity building, Micro Finance Program, Handicraft production, Education, Renewable Energy ( bio gas, solar home system), Improved Cook Stove (ICS), Retained Heat Cooker (RHC), Water sanitation/WASH and Healthcare Services through Kheya Hashi Khushi Hospital with special emphasis on poor, vulnerable and distressed Children, mother, adult women, adolescent girls and PWDs (people with Disability).

Considering these realities KHEYA has focused to work with the poor women folk, so that women can involve with various income generating activities and can contribute to the family and society.


Village: Magura (Mill Bazar), Post Office : Binerpota,
Upazila : Satkhira Sadar, District : Satkhira


To establish a poverty free and just society where people will enjoy equal rights and opportunities


To promote skill, capacity, human values and awareness level of the poor and disadvantaged section of the people specially woman and children with environment friendly and sustainable development program


1. To support and empower the target people regarding various income earning activities;
2. To develop and prepare different module on income earning activities for the target people so that they can create self-employment opportunities to generate better income;
3. To undertake various programs with a view to ensure women and child rights;
4. To undertake various programs and projects to mitigate climate change issues to maintain ecological balance;
5. To support the poor people for adaptation with the climate change induced situation;
6. To work for the poor people in a participatory process with local government;
7. To provide financial and non-financial supports to the target people to reduce dependency on local moneylenders.
8. To provide health support and aware poor people about various health issues;
9. To undertake and implement pre-school support program for the children;
10. To establish networking with the development organization as well as local government institutions in order to support poor;
11. To undertake programs with a view to aware and empower the target groups on legal and human right issues;
12. Set up training institutes to provide technical and vocational training to the unemployed youths;
13. To provide support on business skill development to the target entrepreneurs so that they can enhance their business;


Major Activities

1. To undertake skill development training & services to the families to who are engaged in the poultry and livestock rearing activities in the working area;
2. To implement disaster preparedness and awareness rising programs among the local communities;
3. To undertake relief and rehabilitation program for the disaster stricken people;
4. Provide various supports to the farmers to cultivate salinity tolerant rice and vegetables in the coastal areas.
5. To demonstrate and support farmers so that they can use modern technology in agricultural production;
6. To undertake programs on safe drinking water and arsenic mitigation in the intervention area;
7. To undertake programs for disable people in the area, so that they can engage in development programs;
8. Facilitate non-formal primary and adult education with special emphasis on women and working children in order to enhance overall literacy rate in the country;
9. Provide primary health care and sanitation facilities to the organized poor and underprivileged people;
10. Undertake programs with a view to reduce all types of discrimination against women and children;
11. Undertake programs to reduce carbon use promoting Improved Cook Stove, Bio gas and Retained Heat Cooker (RHC) and solar home system among the local communities.

Head Office

Village: Magura (Mill Bazar), Post Office : Binerpota,
Upazila : Satkhira Sadar, District : Satkhira

Project Office

Village: Magura (Mill Bazar), Post Office : Binerpota,
Upazila : Satkhira Sadar, District : Satkhira

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