Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra (MASUK)

Basic Informations

Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra (MASUK) known in English as “ Center for Human Resource Development -CHRD”

Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra (MASUK); a non-profitable and non-political voluntary development organization, established in 1986 with the initiation of a group of educated social workers with an aim to promote the Socio-economic status of the rural poor and disadvantaged people. It is emphasizing the women and children through awareness raising, capacity building, institutions and entrepreneurship development for a sustainable livelihood.


                             The organization is working during last 37 years in the development aspect through addressing a package of activities. 



Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra (MASUK)

                             Kaliganj-9440, Satkhira, Bangladesh,

                            Mobile: 01715-350766 , 01799-058320




MASUK aspired for a society that will be free from all sorts of exploitation like social, political, cultural and economical. The society will be free from all sorts of pollution; there will be love, trust, co-operation, peace and justice in the society. Women will enjoy the equal rights and the whole society will be self-reliant.



  • To work for the development and empowerment of the exploited and marginalized people.
  • To eradicate of illiteracy and awareness on gender issues, population growth and health and hygiene related issues.
  • To promote the local cultural and economic activities for the creation of the employment opportunities as to poverty eradication.
  • Environment management or development by afforestation and awareness on water pollution and safe sanitation will be other emphasis area.
  • The organization beliefs in the values like participation, friendly relationship, co-operation, recognition to others knowledge, consciousness the time, accountable to the given responsibilities, good governance, peace and justice.



  • To reduce poverty of the rural poor people.
  • To create job opportunity of the disadvantaged people especially of women.
  • To empower women through promoting human and basic rights.
  • To sensitize and advocacy for good governance.
  • To improve the public health situation with affordable sustainable water and sanitation by the poor people.  
  • To prevent HIV/AIDS and trafficking.
  • To ensure gender sensitivity in the community.
  • To reduce illiteracy of the community people providing child and adult education.
  • To promote family planning program with health and hygiene related issues.
  • To conserve the Bio-diversity, freshwater and coastal resources for sustainable ecological balance.
  • To ensure low cost sustainable dwelling facilities.
  • To best use of local resources.
  • To best use of fisheries and agricultural resources. 


Major Activities

  •   Rural Micro Credit
  • Grihayan Prakalpa (Housing Project)
  •  Water & Sanitation
  • Awareness on HIV/AIDS, Child & women trafficking
  •  Training, Workshop, Semina
  •  Social Forestry
  •  Study (on nutrition and food security, HIV/AIDS)

Head Office

Manab Sampad Unnayan Kendra (MASUK)

                Pirojpur more, Pania, Kaliganj-9440, Satkhira, Bangladesh,

                            Mobile: 01715-350766 , 01799-058320



Project Office


List of Excutive Body

  1. G.M. Atiar Rahman - President
  2. G.M. Tuhin Jahangir - Vice-President
  3. G.M. Firoz Ahmed - General Secretary
  4. G.M. Bayezid Ahmed - Cashier
  5. Mst. Rozina Sultana - Member
  6. Farha Munmun - Member
  7. Sabina Yeasmin - Member

Chief of NGO

Name: G.M. Firoz Ahmed

Designation: Executive Director

Phone & Mobile No. N/A (01715350766)

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