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Welcome to CRESCENT

Ensuer Sustainable Advancement through Community Development


Story of our dreamy journey: 

Satkhira district is situated at the south-west coastal region of Bangladesh where most the people are depriving from socio-economic development. Natural disaster affected on the area frequently due to the geographical location and impact of worldwide climate change. Those incidents are back warding the socio-economic condition of the community. They inhabitants are suffering for living due to the job scarcity and no option of industrialization. Agriculture sector is not progressing due to the lack of modern technological knowledge of farmer, increased salinity and losing the cultivable land by grabbing the expanded shrimp farming and meet up the needs of population growth. The people are living with illiteracy, social irregularities what’s violating human rights where the respective authorities cloud not protect to rights violation due to the poor governance system.

To overcome the situation, some young and social committed people have taken initiatives and started to a dreamy journey towards inclusive and living friendly society. In the path, CRESENT was there one stone what the tied on 2002 as social and community leading non-profit making organization. The organization is helping the social dedicated volunteers as a lighthouse on their development journey. Now a day, CRESENT is lighting the society through the development flame by the support of GOB, community and development partners

Evolution of CRESCENT: 

CRESCENT started the journey on 2002 and now recognized as a community developing organization. During the journey CRESCENT have overcome some steps in the evolution way.

Stage-01: As a volunteer organization CRESCENT has taken voluntary action to prevent social irregularities. Then the team thinks that need to expand the work for changing the social attitude but legal status is essential for the purpose. Then the organization registered from social welfare directories on 2002.

Satge-02: Started microfinance activities to develop the economic status of community from 2002

Stage-03: Satkhira is a trafficking prone area and trafficking route where the women and children are living in vulnerability. Started work on prevention on human trafficking on 2003 by the support of development partners.

Satge-04: The people of the area are living with illiteracy. Organization has been started to literate the next generation from 2005 through non-formal education initiatives.  

Stage-05: Given focus on gender considering development by women empowering and gender based violence reduction and started work in health issue by awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS from 2008

Stage-07: In the year of 2012, CRESCENT commenced shelter support through housing initiatives for the poor and climate refugee people, child protection action and WATSAN for the community.

Stage-08: Created AIGA for the poor and climate refugee people on 2015 to eliminate poverty.

Stage-09: Engaged in agriculture revolution through Seed Production  program 2006 .

Stage -10: Opened a new widow by engaging in climate change and disaster management program on 2009. 

Legal Status: 


Registration type and authority

Reg. Number

Reg. Date

Renewal date


NGO Affairs Bureau under Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities)





Directorate of Social Services





Microcredit Regulatory Authority




Goal: Improve socio-economic conditions of the disadvantaged, underprivileged women, men and children and the community people as a whole.

Core Values: (1) Not for profit (2)Non political (3)Equality (4)Integrity (5)Non-violence (6)Transparency:  (7) Courage (8)Accountability

Organizational Commitment:

  • CRESECENT is committed to provide service to the deprived and disadvantaged community in Bangladesh for developing their socio-economic condition.

  • Develop the capacity of staff and members of service providing organizational with CRESCENT staff.

  • Increase volunteer mentality of committee members with local community.

Working Approach: (1)Rights Based Approach (RBA) (2)Group Approach (3)Bottom-up Approach (4) Family Approach (5)Community Approach

Working Methods:

CRESECENT apply some approach in regular activities and apply organizational strategic plan. The approaches are:

  • Focus on community need and required plan. 

  • Research based action

  • Emphasized on disadvantaged and minority community service.

  • Networking and good practice sharing with similar minded local, national and international partners;

  • Advocacy with all levels of government and other actors, including awareness raising and information dissemination at community level, for appropriate legal, policy and behavioural change.

  • Promoting ownership of projects and activities by associated stakeholders, the communities or government institutions;

  • Programme and project alignment with national development strategies (i.e. - Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy’) and international agreements (i.e. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), Kyoto Protocol).

Organizational Management:

CRESCENT has a lively management system which is conduct by following some principles. The principals are- (i) Division of Work (ii) Authority and Responsibility (iii) Discipline (iv) Unity of Command (v) Unity of Direction (vi) Subordination of Individual Interest to Mutual Interest (vii) Remuneration (viii) The Degree of Centralization (ix) Line of Authority (x) Order (xi) Equity (xii) Stability to Tenure of Personality (xiii) Initiative (xiv) Team Sprit.

Geographical Coverage Area:

Name of District

Name of Upazila







Satkhira Sadar





























Types and Number of Beneficiaries:

CRESECENT implements projects/programs by targeting specific types and number of beneficiaries. Till now CRESCENT has covered about 85,000 direct and about 1,26,600 indirect beneficiaries in the working area.

Targeted and principle beneficiaries of CRESCENT are – (i) Disadvantaged, vulnerable and underprivileged men, women and children (ii) Landless, marginal, small and large farmers (iii) Adolescent boys and girls (iv) Youths (v) People Living with disability (vi) Disaster affected people (vi) Potential victims of human trafficking (vii) Potential victims of unsafe migration (viii) People who are neglected from their basic and human rights (ix) Displaced people (xi) Dropout Student (xii) Climate Change refugee. 

Partnership with Development Partners:

Types of agencies

Name of Agencies


Bangladesh Bank, Ministry of Finance

Directorate of Women Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Ministry of Agriculture

Bureau of Non-formal Education (BNFE), Ministry of Primary and Mass Education

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

Department of Social Services (DSS), Ministry of Social Welfare

Bangladesh NGO Foundation( BNF)

Non- Government


Rights Jessore (DANIDA, Group Development,



AD- DIN (Global Fund)

AWO International e.V. Germany

Ashroy Foundation (Oxfam Bangladesh)


Right to Food Bangladesh.

Prevention Human Trafficking Network Khulna.

Campaign for Good Governance  .

Credit Development Forum (CDF).

Human Rights Defender Forum (HRDF) .


Costal Disaster Management Forum Khulna. 

Collaboration with Government:

  • Member of District Trafficking Prevention Committee.

  • Member of Gender Violence Prevention Committee .

  • District AIDS Committee (DAC) Satkhira.

  • Member of District NGO coordination committee

  • Member of Satkhira Upazila coordination committee.

Achievements of CRESCENT

CRESCENT has achieved some significant achievements through the interventions. These achievements recognized the organization exceptional than other development organization in the area. The achievements are given bellow-

  • Formed 117 CBO at the field level those are functioning to prevent Human Trafficking.

  • About 2 lac people of 2200 families have benefited through joint adventure of microfinance.

  • Created value chain on high demand agricultural production in the area.

  • Rebuild shelter of a large number of climate refugee and poor families.

  • Enrolled 1110 drop out and poor family children in mainstream education.

  • CRESCENT awarded as the Fazlul Haque award on 2015.

Future Plan of CRESCENT

Based on the organizational goal and community demand, CRESCENT has a future plan what will support to achieve the organizational objectives. The plans are –

  • Build up own Training and Resource Center

  • Open new IGA sector for organizational sustainability.

  • Specific initiatives on Good Governance of LG

  • Increase IGA intervention for developing livelihoods of women and poor people.

  • Networking for Humanitarian Response on disaster.

  • Research on context considering IGA for the community.

  • Local resource mobilization

  • Expand organizational activates in 5 districts within 5 years  



Janani Bhaban 

Assasuni Road

Old Satkhira, Satkhira-9400



Vision: Develop a generation free from discrimination, any kind of exploitation and poverty.



Mission: Create self-financed, self-employed and self-empowered communities with increased capabilities by providing need-based services and supports like microfinance, agriculture, housing, protection of human rights, health, sanitation, Education, HIV/AIDS prevention etc.



  •  Improving the socio-economic situations of the disadvantaged and underprivileged people through implementing different concerned development programs and projects.

  • Ensuring food security for the disadvantaged and underprivileged poor people through increasing income level and production.

  • Supporting the disadvantaged and underprivileged people for capacity building and ensuring provisions of basic needs of life like employment, income, health, education, etc.

  • Extending support in building institution of the target groups for establishing their basic rights in the family, community and society at large.

  • Developing community ownership to the organization and capacity of Local NGOs for networking

Major Activities

CRESECENT selects the working issues based on community demand, organizational motto with social responsibility. During the period, CRESCENT intervened and has plan to intervene on many issues successively by considering the social need and to achieve the organizational goal. CRESCENT has divided the whole activities under major four (4) intervention area. CRESCENT implements all of the projects under these major intervention areas. Major intervention areas with existing issues are –

Intervention Area

Working issues

Climate Resilient Adaptation

Prevention of climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Promotion of Environment,  Capacity building of local actors and NGOs, Forestry, Food Security

Protecting Human Rights

Education , Prevention of gender based violence, Human Trafficking and Unsafe Migration Prevention, Health and HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Arsenic Mitigation, Shelter, Child protection and rights

Functioning Good Governance

Well functioning of LG, Advocacy and Governance, Capacity building of GoB and NGOs, Civic and voter education, Women empowerment, Community mobilization. Awareness campaign

Sustainable Development with Food Security and Economical Development

Microfinance, Agriculture , Livestock, Seed Production and Marketing

 Beside the major intervene issues; CRESCENT has cross cutting issues which consider in each intervention.  Gender, Ethnic/marginalize rights and local resource development are the cross cutting issue of CRESCENT. 


Head Office


Janani Bhaban 

Assasuni Road

Old Satkhira, Satkhira-9400


Project Office

(1) Kullah More, Budhata, Assasuni, Satkhira.

(2) Godown More, Shymnagar, Satkhgira

List of Excutive Body

  1. Mozammal Hossain President
  2. Aparesh Pul , Vice president
  3. A K M Abu Jafar Siddique . General Secretary
  4. Taposhi Mondal , Treasurer
  5. Sahanara Khatun , Executive Member
  6. Nurul Amin , Executive Member
  7. Monirul Islam, Executive Member

Chief of NGO

Name: AKM Abu Jafar Siddique

Designation: Executive director

Phone & Mobile No. 01712-621796 (01712-621796)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 3 1 4
Mid-level 3 1 4
Field Worker 14 9 23
Voluntaries 84 36 120

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Motor cycle 03
Computer 05
Training Room 02
Accomodation 10
Own Office Building 01
Table 36
Chair 62
Rack 07
Digital Camera 02
Scanner 01
Printer 01
Multimedia 01
WI -FI Facilities Available
Generator 01
Scanner 01

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : District Trafficking Prevention Committee.

Type : Government Committee

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Gender Violence Prevention Committee .

Type : Government Committee

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : AIDS Committee (DAC) Satkhira.

Type : Government Committee

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : District NGO coordination committee

Type : Government Committee

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Right to Food Bangladesh

Type : National Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Prevention Human Trafficking Network Khulna

Type : Regional Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Campaign for Good Governance

Type : National Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Credit Development Forum (CDF)

Type : National Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Human Rights Defender Forum (HRDF)

Type : National Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : SUPPRO

Type : National Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Costal Disaster Management Forum Khulna

Type : Regional Network

Website :

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
2017- 2018 1,70,47,527.00 24,25,83,000.00 3,45,73,240.00

Project List ( Total Project : 8 )

Project Name : Micro credit

Doner : Won fund & BRAC

Sector : Micro finance

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : November 2001

Brief of activities :

Project Name : Human Trafficking and promotion of Save Migration by Strengthening Institution and Communities

Doner : AWO International e.v Germany Through Rights Jessore

Sector : Satkhirr

Area : Kaligong ,Satkhira

Time Line : July 2017-December 2919

Brief of activities :

Prevention Human Trafficking and save migration 

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