Basic Informations

Department of Social Welfare : Social Welfare-94/1991
NGO Affairs Bureau: NGO Affairs Bureau768/93
Microcredit Regulatory Authority, Bangladesh Bank: 00345 – 00075 – 00038
European Union (PADOR Registration): Europe Aid ID: BD-2007-ECS 2711582518
Asian Development Bank (ADB) Consultant Management System (CMS) Number: 011164
System for Award Management (SAM) USAID: SAM Reg. 731574112


Opposite Site of Islami Hospital
Narkel Tola More,Municiality,
Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira


A congenial society for economic and socio-cultural development


Create opportunities and enable the society especially underprivileged/socially excluded community.


Throughout its life cycle (26 years), the organization has so far taken up 302 (including 262 completed and 40 ongoing) projects. During this time, the organization has extended its development support to the seven million development partners. Apart from this, currently it has been extending its support to a half million families. Regarding the contribution towards water resource management, the organization excavated and re-excavated more than one hundred canals and 150 ponds. It has also assisted in cancellation of lease deeds of 100 Khash ponds. To ensure good governance, Shushilan has organized/ formed six thousand people’s organizations which are consist of 125,000 community members who are capable of playing a positive role in social transformation. In other words, Shushilan has so far worked at 1039 Union Parishads (UPs), in 197 Upazilas (sub-districts) under 42 districts in all divisions of Bangladesh. The organization has been implementing five programs through its 2000 skilled and dedicated staff for the welfare of the poor and the vulnerable community.

The task is challenging but equally exciting. In fact, actualization of Shushilan’s vision depends on dedication and capacity of the staff members, cooperation from the Government and donors for serving to the most backward and vulnerable millions of people in this country. Once again, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the GoB, donors, development partners and beloved staff for their support, dedication and cooperation because without these it would have been impossible for Shushilan to reach such milestones.

Major Activities

Fundamental Philosophy of Shushilan:
Human potential is infinite. The point is to explore its multi-dimensional manifestations and harness it to promote human welfare.

Basic Principles of Shushilan:
1.Equality and neutrality
2.Upholding national interest
3.Safe-guarding the interest of the backward, socially disadvantaged and Hard Core People Poor(HCP) community
4.Democratic culture, transparency and accountability
5.Ensuring a secure home land for future generation

Strategic Direction of Shushilan:
1.To improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Bangladesh with special attention t coast,riverbank , wet bans, and hill tracts,
2.To improve health condition and education of the vulnerable people;
3.To secure human rights and good governance;
4.Sustainable environmental and resources management in eco-sensitive areas;
5.Reduce disaster vulnerabilities;
6.Adaptation and mitigation of adverse impact of climate change;
7.Develop peoples’ organization and leadership;
8.Expand Shushilan an effective development institution to serve the vulnerable community in Bangladesh.

Implementation Methods:

Development Approach of Shushilan :
1.Right Based Approach
2.Empowering approach
3.Networking and partnership approach
4.Conflict sensitive approach
5.Farming system approach
6.Sustainable development approach

Cross-cutting Issues:
1.Gender & equity


Head Office

155, Jalil Sarani, Commercial cum Residential Area,
Rayermahal , Boyra, Khulna-9000, Bangladesh

Project Office

155, Jalil Sarani, Commercial cum Residential Area,
Rayermahal , Boyra, Khulna-9000, Bangladesh

List of Excutive Body

  1. Ms. Chandrika Banerjee - Chairman
  2. Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam-Vice Presedent
  3. Mr. Mostafa Nuruzzaman - Secretary
  4. Ms. Illa Devi Mollick - Treasurer
  5. Mr. Jafarullah Kutubuddin - Member
  6. Md Ebrahim - Member
  7. Ms. Astomi Malo - Member
  8. Ms. Fatima Begam - Member

Chief of NGO

Name: Mostafa Nuruzzaman

Designation: Chief Executive

Phone & Mobile No. +88 041 2851291 (+88 01720510199)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Support Staff 522 374 896
Voluntaries 91 519 610

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Training Center(Tiger Point, Munsigonj) 1
Private Car 2
Motore Cycle 152
By Cycle 245
Laptop 250
Table 615
Chair 2954
Desktop Computer 28
Cots 159
Steel Almirah 47
Fan 323
Display board 43
Bookshelf 69
File cabinet 40
Steel rack 57
Multi-Media Projector 5
Camera 36
Powerful Generator 6
GPS 15

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : OYTIJHYA

Type : NGOs Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Women Network

Type : Shukannya, UP Member Network, Women Shalish (Mediation) Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Women Networ

Type : 1,UP Member Network,Women Shalish (Mediation) Network

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : OYKOTAN

Type : Club/CBOs Network

Website :

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
2017-2018 59977748 200000000 201306878

Project List ( Total Project : 13 )

Project Name : Resilience through Economic Empowerment and Climate Adaptation, Leadership, Learning – REE CALL 2021

Doner : Oxfam GB

Sector : CCA & DRR

Area : Shyamnagar,Satkhira

Time Line : 01-04-2017 to 31-03-2020

Brief of activities :

1. Build up capacity of project staff on organizational development, PCVA, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation, RBDA, leadership, crop diversification, other innovations and climate adaptive technology, economic empowerment, markets, and VAW

2. Knowledge Management and Sharing

3. Integration of Emergency Capacity Building Efforts

4. Developed volunteer groups in the disaster-prone communities and trained them during and after disasters

5. Developed contingency plans to address disasters and organized meetings and workshops with Union Parishad to practice ‘Disaster Standing Orders’ improving and strengthening disaster preparedness and humanitarian response during disasters to reduce suffering and loss of property for poor people.

6. Link with Policy & Advocacy issues from local to national level

7. Organize training for CBO members

8. Billboard for throwing message

9. Ponds/ Canals excavation and re excavation foe drinking water

10. Promote WASH techniques and Technologies (Solar Chulli Filter)

11. Community based Marketing Extension Plan (market survey, analysis, market link strategy and marketing plan)

12. Formation of producer groups (sector wise)

13. Conduct social and cultural power structure mapping and analyze

14. Assess the gap and challenges to get access in the services and opportunities - Local level study and finding sharing on their entitlements and service

15.  Direct linkage with WE CAN campaign for greater awareness to ending VAW

16.  Direct linkage with WE CAN campaign for greater awareness to ending VAW

17. Monitoring the incidence of violence against women and link up the cases with legal service providers (union council, police and human rights organizations)

18. Encourage to form women groups, association, adolescent club to develop women confident as leader and social protection from violence

Project Name : Savings and credit management

Doner : Shushilan Own fund &Bangladesh Bank & Inclusive Home solution Fund

Sector : Micro Credit

Area : Satkhira & Jessore

Time Line : 01-01-1992 to 01-01-2020

Brief of activities :

  • New Group Formation
  •   Savings Collection
  •   IGA Selection, Awareness
  • Loan Distribution


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