Rishilpi International

Basic Informations

Progetto Uomo Rishilpi Internatioanl Onlus  is a humanitarian organization working in Satkhira Bangladesh for over 43 years, focusing on alleviating poverty and social injustice. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive program in health, education, water Sanitation and livelihood. Rishilpi is founded in Bangladesh in 1977 and serving as a National NGO but it is now become an International Organization

Our overall goal is the empowerment of outcaste, untouchable and marginalized communities, leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods

Founding Philosophy

Founder of Rishilpi is Mr. Vincenzo Falcone and Mrs. Graziella Melano Laura. Founding philosophy of them is:

Feeding the poor, healing the sickness, Clothing the necked and sheltering the homeless.

Legal Status : 

The Registration Number is 215, dated 24 February 1987. The Registration Authority is the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh. 



Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International Onlus

Gopinathpur, Binerpota, Satkhira 9400,


Phone : (0471) 63527, Mobile: 01715608704

Email: rishilpi.bd@rishilpibd.org



Rishilpi has a vision of a happy and prosperous community through humanitarian, social, and economic development of all the downtrodden and minorities without discrimination



Rishilpi supports the development of humanitarian, social and economic interventions through the involvement of stakeholders towards the sustainable development of communities in Bangladesh, with emphasis on the ‘Rishi’ communities of the downtrodden, minorities and distressed, with fairness as to caste, religion, race, and gender.


Our specific mission statement:


  • Feeding the hungry at times of emergency, by creating employment opportunities and equipping children with skills and tools for their future livelihood.
  • Healing the sick through treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities through comprehensive rehabilitation approaches, with love and compassion.
  • Educating underprivileged children who cannot access mainstream education, and mobilizing the community for education awareness.
  • Drinking water for thirsty by installing community filters in poor community and supplying the pure drinking water whereas need
  • Sheltering the homeless after an emergency or in any other urgent need to rehabilitate the derelict and displaced.



The aim and objective of  Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International-Onlus are to assist, encourage and engage the underprivileged in development activities for ensuring sustainable development in their life.

The operational objectives of Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International-Onlus are to:

  • Access in basic education for disadvantaged children by ensuring educational assistance and schooling
  • Prevent early marriage by creating accessibility to school for girl child for building the foundation of Sonar Paribar   (Golden Family)
  • Prevention disability and reduce infant mortality rate by improving health and nutrition status of community people
  • Rehabilitation of people with disability both in physically and socially with equalization of opportunity
  • Develop a sustainable household livelihood with just distribution of resources, and enhancing the capacity of community people.


Major Activities

Rehabilitation for children with disability

Rishilpi Health and Rehabilitaiton program started its’ endevour from 1980 with a tiny shed of charitable dispensary, but now it has turned into a big rahbilitaiton center where everyday almost 350 children/persons with disability get rehabilitaiton support and 50 people get medical treatment with necessary medicines. Social rehabilitation and inclusive in development to the children with disability is one of the key component of the project. It promotes equal rights and opportunity for the children/persons with disability in the family and the community

Education for the Underprivileged Children

Rishilpi Education Programme began its activities in 1994 by opening a Nursery Class at Rishilpi campus and gradually expanded in a big programme having three components that is Rishilpi Center School (RCS), School for Speech & Hearing Impaired Children (SSHIC), Community Education Programme (CEP).  It has opened a window for the children of disadvantaged community for education. Around 2700 students enrolled every year in the project in Satkhira District.Library project has ended its intervention but it is running with the part of Edcuation Programme aims to build up an educated society increasing knowledge and ensuring transformation in the life of students with human values. Rishilpi has established 11 libraries, one is at Rishilpi Center School (RCS)  and other 8 library based on Community primary School (CPS).  

Education Support for disadvantage children

Sponsorship for Education is going ahead from 1989 with the generous support of many individual donors from Italy. It has explored opportunities for underprivileged children including children with disability to ensure their education.  Getting assistance from Education Support Program (ESP) many students are now leading life with social dignity having job with Government Organization, Non Government Organization and Corporate sectors. Around 2500 sponsored students of Satkhira district get benefits every year from ESP. Amar Sonar Paribar (My Golden Family) is a special component of Education Support Program (ESP) started in July 2003 for bringing hope in the life of adolescent girls to build a golden family. Early marriage prevention, girl child education and women empowerment are the key objectives of the project. Adolescent girls are enrolled from class six in ASP. At present ASP has around 600 students/Members, 64 Adolescent member groups and 20 Early Marriage Prevention Committee (EMPC).  From  January  2017 Rishilpi opened also the special component of  Education Support Program for  boys  called  “Amar Sonar Swapno” to make aware also the adolescent  boys about  the importance of equal opportunities for girls. At present ASS has around  90 students  enrolled.

Water Treatment Plant Project

Rishilpi Water Treatment Project (RWTP) is working to mobilize the community to find out the sustainable safe drinking water sources and promote safe drinking water for the community. The project adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-6) where stated as: ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’ through development of water resources, optimizing its various uses, managing resources for sustainable development including securing the lives and properties of people from water related disasters. The RWTP project intends to supply the pure drinking water for the community people and students of the community primary school and promote the community awareness on safe drinking water for improving the health & hygienic situation in the family and the community.  The plant is producing more than 13000 m3 (metric cubic) of potable water per year through WTP plant inside the campus and giving benefit to around 1800 people per day both in campus and  the community through this project .

Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International Onlus- Administration Project :

General Project is implemented to provide necessary operation support to the different projects programs. This project is basically an operation management supporting project. Under this project the sections that are actively working are: Finance and Account, Internal Audit, Human Resource and Administration, Communication and Documentation, Media and Publication, Information Technology (IT) and Support Service.


Head Office

Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International Onlus

Via dei Tulipani, 5

20146 Milano

Phone : +39 3492506861

Email : info@prouomorishilpi.org



Project Office

Village: Gopinathpur

Post Office: Binerpota

Upazilla : Satkhira Sador 

District : Satkhira 

List of Excutive Body

  1. Monica Tosi
  2. Ezio Recla
  3. Vincenzo Falcone (Enzo)
  4. Ezio Crescentini
  5. Luciana De Angelis

Chief of NGO

Name: Vincenzo Falcone

Designation: Director

Phone & Mobile No. 0471 63527 (01715608701)

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 28 4 32
Mid-level 32 46 78
Field Worker 33 33 66
Support Staff 21 75 96

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
High School and Primary School Building 1
Hospital Building , IPW and Training Hall 2
Hostel Building 2
Office Building ( ESP,Admin,Finance) 3
Water Treatment Plant 1
Land Poperty 8.36 Acre
Pond 1
KG School House 1
Hostel and Residential houses 1
Community Primary School 42
Guest House 1
Handicrafts Workshop and office 3
Khulna Physiotherapy Centre 1
Land Property In Khulna City 0.2151 Acre

Network / Forum

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)

Project List ( Total Project : 6 )

Project Name : General And Administration Project

Doner : Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International Onlus

Sector : General

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2022

Brief of activities :

General Project is being implemented to provide necessary operation support to the different project/program. This project is basically an operation management supporting project. The project ensures the appropriate support and monitoring the activities of different project. Under this project some department/section are actively working these are- Finance and Account, Internal Audit, Communication and Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Media and Publication, Information Technology (IT) and Support Service.

Human Resource Management  

  • Provided necessary HR support to 275 staff  working at Rishilpi
  • Conducted recruitment and orientation  new staffs
  • Compensation management and settlement to the staffs.
  • Conducted Annual Performance Evaluation of 275 staffs.

Finance and Account 

  • Ensured that the Books of accounts of six project  are maintained  properly
  • Organized external audit and worked with Internal Audit.
  • Made compliance rules and regulation (VAT, Tax)
  • Arranged project approval and fund clearance from NGOAB.
  • Prepared monthly and year ending Financial report to donors.

Support Service  

  • Procurement materials/goods as need for project
  • Building Maintenance ( Repairing/ Painting)
  • Construction building and CPS school.
  • Monitoring the Security work.

Internal Audit 

  • Organized monthly project audit  as per plan
  • Ensured compliance is made according to the audit report.
  • Ensured the proper control of financial resource management.
  • Project audit report prepared and Sharing

Communication and Documentation   

  • Monthly News letter, Quarterly News Letter are prepared and published
  • Prepared 40 CPS Annual report by March Every year. 
  • Prepared  Annual Report and Printing
  • Preparing 4 Internal Evaluation Report (IER) of different 4 project
  • Monthly report and Quarterly report to the Government offices 

Media and Publication 

  •  Arranged Photography and videography of different program
  •  Conducted Printing work of Annual report.
  • Prepared video documentary for donors.
  • Report collection from the field.
  • Conducted Press & Media  liaison

Project Name : Amar Sonar Poribar (ASP)

Doner : Progetto Uomo Rishilpi Internatioanl Onlus

Sector : Child Marriage Prevention

Area : Satkhira

Time Line : 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2022

Brief of activities :

Amar Sonar Paribar (My Golden Family) is one of the key components of Rishilpi Education Support Program (ESP). ASP is a dynamic approach to promote the awareness in the community to prevent Child marriage.

ASP was established as a special project on 8th July 2003 with a dream to build a Sonar Paribar (Golden Family) ensuring very young girls education by preventing early marriage. ASP carry on some objectives to reach its' goal effectively, those are:

  • Promote girl child education by ensuring educational assistance for poor girls of disadvantaged community. 
  • Child marriage prevention through awareness campaign, community mobilization, advocacy meeting and ASP group meeting.
  • Reduce repression of women caused by dowry creating community awareness and discourage dowry system in marriages.
  • Women empowerment ensuring the life skill training, complete the higher education and engage women in income generating activities (job/service)
  • Gender equity in the family and the society ensuring equal opportunity for boys and girls.
  • Promotion of women rights preparing the girl child through education and training to engage in decision making in family and the society

The realization of the golden family is a dream, but could become reality, thanks to the joint efforts of ASP members, the local community and Italian donors.

Progetto Uomo Rishilpi International dreams of a society where every girl has the opportunity to complete her studies and can build her “Golden Family”, a place where to  live happy with honor and dignity.

Amar Sonar Swapno

ASS is a special concern of ESP to prevent child marriage and build a golden dream for the teenager boys. Starting January 2017, Rishilpi has introduced an additional program called Amar Sonar Swapno or My Gold Dream. Every teenager boy who completed primary education is qualified to be a member of ASS. This program is aimed at young students who tomorrow will become fathers, brothers, grandparents, uncles. The purpose of the program is to promote the importance of early warning males in early men.


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